Of Malt and Pandicorns – #NaPoWriMo19 – 21

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Hey 🙂


Happy Easter, dear readers!!


“Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that, like The Color of Pomegranates and “City That Does Not Sleep,” incorporates wild, surreal images. Try to play around with writing that doesn’t make formal sense, but which engages all the senses and involves dream-logic.” [from the NaPoWriMo site]

I got to the end of the day and once more was extremely tired, so I think I was actually dreaming when I wrote this poem!  It’s a bit Enid Blyton meets nonense-y, which kind of fulfils the prompt?  Anyway, it also rhymes, which I thought was impressive for my attention span after lots of Easter fun with the boys in the (sunny!!!) back garden 😉

It is reminiscent of the stuff I used to write in early high school, come to think of it.  Awww, my subconscious mind is still semi-childlike (!!)

Oh, and because I was supposed to make the poem a bit weird, I enlisted the Jimpix generator’s help, too…


We should have gorged upon their finest Malt

And eaten scabby horses

(A mammal most delicious when

The second of six courses)


Our location swiftly hidden from

The Pandicorn stampede,

(Our host-gnome having promised

Our safety was guaranteed)

We went onwards with our merry march,

Shown fairy-crafted arts.


Somewhere near humans’ Bradiford

Griffin dances made their start.


Showcasing colours various

With sequin-like great wings

Dragons rendered combustible

All elven garland strings…


But soon the time did come again

When we had to depart –

Step out of fae imaginings

Real life’s course once more to chart.


Ach, it’ll do 😉

Take care, and I’ll catch you later!


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