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A new poetry post will be up later, but I thought I’d just say a big THANK YOU to all the lovely people reading this.  Mainly because I am always honoured that people read my ramblings, but also because yesterday was an amazing day for me and this blog! 

There was a flurry of views after my poem appeared on The Drabble blog – in fact it was my best day by far at no fewer than 84 blog hits in 24 hours!! That smashed my previous record of 46! 

I really appreciate every single one of you, and love that you send me words of encouragement on Twitter, ‘like’ my posts here, and hop over from Facebook to see what I’ve posted. 

Moreover, the fact that a few of you have also subscribed to get my posts delivered to your email is alllll kinds of awesome 🙂

I grinned a ridiculous amount of much (as we say in our house) yesterday, and it was just the best feeling!

There are days when I wonder if this blogging and writing thing I do is just self-indulgent and silly, but when I see such interest and other places featuring my work, it makes the daily scribbling and posting seem relevent and worthwhile.

*Tears up a bit*

Basically?  You all rock!!

Big group hug!!


Thanks again 😀







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