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It would appear that my speaker from yesterday still wants to unburden his or her soul to us. 

I also had The P!nk song Family Portrait start up in my head when I read ‘photograph’ followed by ‘diplomat’.








Willpower  Point  Functional  Photograph  Block  Muscle  Cream  Diplomat  Embarrassment


It took great willpower

Not to point out

That, although we looked

A functional unit

In our forced-smile photograph,

We were each an island –

A lonely block of land

Battered by the seas of change.


And never sheltered

By our father’s arms:

He used his muscle to intimidate,

Not protect.


He told us we could never rise

To be the cream of any industry,

Or excel at anything we did.

He let us know

Where we belonged –

That ‘folks like us’

Were born to fail.


And our mother,

Ever the scurrying diplomat,

Escorted us out of rooms;

Proffering ice packs

(And make-up)

To eschew embarrassment.


I am so thankful that this is not my truth.  My heart aches for those who have this in their lives and/or history.


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