Not A Trifle – #NaPoWriMo20 – Day 19

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Today’s suggestion was a lovely one:

our optional prompt challenges you to write a poem based on a “walking archive.” What’s that? Well, it’s when you go on a walk and gather up interesting things – a flower, a strange piece of bark, a rock. This then becomes your “walking archive” – the physical instantiation of your walk. If you’re unable to get out of the house (as many of us now are), you can create a “walking archive” by wandering around your own home and gathering knick-knacks, family photos, maybe a strange spice or kitchen gadget you never use. One you’ve finished your gathering, lay all your materials out on  a tray table, like museum specimens. Now, let your group of materials inspire your poem! You can write about just one of the things you’ve gathered, or how all of them are all linked, or even what they say about you, who chose them and brought them together. [From here]

but unfortunately I read it after I was firmly ensconced under my duvet (and laptop)…so I improvised and wrote about what Youngest presented me with after his walk.

Cheat?  Yes.

Bovvered?   Nah…


A walk with your dad

And a bike with a loose chain.

There, in your hand,

Are flowers. Face a cheeky grin.

3 little weeds but

Enough for a Mother’s smile:

Lost in my thoughts,

Now aware of my glowy child.


Tumbling curls and

Happy for your compliments,

You love the colours, though

Not crazy for the weedy scents.

I swill a trifle tub

And now there’s a ‘vase’

Elevating those sweet offerings

To last a few more days.


I definitely will be storing up the proper poem ponder-fest for another day when I am more ‘free’ and able to actually linger outside of my own garden without feeling like everyone thinks I am flouting regulations 😉 being someone who has been known to hug strangers pretty regularly, and stand chatting for hours, it is still a strange thing to be clock-watching and crossing roads/traversing grass verges so often in order to give people a wide berth and observe the one hour rule. 

I’m glad our kids are taking the restrictions seriously, I’m happy to report that they have relinquished their pavement-hogger ways without much protest, bless them.

Anyway, enjoy your walks if and when you manage to get them, and as always: big hugs, stay safe…

                                               and off we jolly well!


Monty X



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