No Remedy For Turkey

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What is with the phrases, Mr. Generator?!  They are getting mean *pouts*


When I read through today’s offering, I briefly thought about wittering on about my kids again (we took them to get new shoes fitted today and, well, let us just say ‘behaviour’ definitely featured!).

Then this guy (I think it’s a guy??) rocked up instead – and whatever happened “off screen” I hope he’s given an elephant-sized flea in his ear, because it reads like he deserves it!



Folk music   Flight    Greeting    Brave   Behaviour   Exhibition   Reason   Turkey   Remedy

There were brightly dressed travellers

Playing folk music outside the doors;

And they weren’t too bad.


I resisted the urge to stand

Longer than was usual;

Delaying the inevitable.


Her flight was late anyway.

I had time to rehearse the greeting,

Tell myself to be brave.


When I saw her, I saw the damage –

Etched in her face, just how much

My behaviour had hurt.


I wished I had turned up winning –

Planned some exhibition to dazzle –

But I had nothing.


Not even a reason came to mind,

Some causal link that made it ‘ok’;

Just my fear, that I still carried.


And here she was, back from Turkey,

(About to be met by a bigger one,

For which I had no remedy).


Notebook page

I am pretending not to notice that my subconscious is getting even more involved in this writing lark, now that it knows it’ll be put to work every day; but I’m failing.

There is not as much crossing-out as usual in my notebook today, and I am finding myself wondering about the future or indeed backstory of the “fictional characters” I created in previous quarter-hours.  They are starting to pick on me, like a guy I made up for my novel (no, not finished, don’t ask) who writes his own lines and likes rattling his shelf to get my attention.

I counted syllables for the above poem, after my 15 minutes were up, and the verses go 22, 24, 22, 23, 22, 26, 26.  I’m feeling a bit scared.

Remind me that this is good thing, please?!


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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    Another enjoyable poem

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Thanks! x

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