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Hey there!

I wrote a Kyrielle for today’s post.  This poetic form should be written in Iambic Tetrameters (eight syllables, four ‘feet’: da DUM-da DUM-da DUM-da DUM) and be at least three stanzas long.  Wikipedia says there are a few accepted rhyming schemes, but each stanza should have a refrain as the fourth line.  I went with the


ccbB  etc.

scheme (where the capital B highlights the refrain, and the third line always rhymes with it)

Make sense?!

Off we jolly well, then:


Hello?  Hello?!  Can you hear me…?

The light’s too dim for me to see…

I falter, numb, full-on distrust:

The hopelessness is not discussed.


I wander lonely (self imposed),

Struggle to keep myself composed;

Kind-hearted (though I can’t be fussed)

The hopelessness is not discussed.


These words on the defeatist side?

Mere hints at overwhelm I hide.

Just turn your ‘shoulds’ all into ‘musts’!”

The hopelessness is not discussed.


I welcome those whose drunken tongue

Alights on truths I’ve often spun!

Sober, they spurn them in disgust:

The hopelessness is not discussed.

person sitting in despair with harsh words around them



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