Of A New Raincoat and A Creepy Poem

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Good Evening 😉

We bought Youngest the same style of raincoat as Eldest, and I let Youngest wear it for the first time today.  He looked and felt so grown up!!  He put it on over his nursery gear, and immediately ran through to the playroom to show his big brother.  This was Eldest’s reaction:

Eldest thinks his brother looks “like a schoolboy” but cute at the same time!

I got a few lovely pics of the two boys standing together, but they refused to let me take any while they were covering their faces, so I can’t post them here… 

After nursery, I tried to get Youngest to pose with his back to me, and he did – giving himself a cuddle!  I did get a pic from behind a little bit down the road, however, when he went to inspect a rogue hubcap that’s been loitering at the side of the pavement for a while; and also nosy over a local’s garden wall, as one does!!

On the home stretch we met a lovely lady with her friendly dog, who was unfortunately limping.  Youngest stroked her head (the dog’s, not the lady’s) and told her that he hoped she’d be “feelin’ better soon”.

Around 4ish, on the way back from collecting Eldest, we all passed the wee park.  I saw one of the mums I know and waved, and this prompted her young son to run over to see Youngest (as they attend nursery together).  As he grew closer, I had to tell him Youngest was sound asleep in the buggy.  Undeterred, the lovely wee soul picked a daisy and a dandelion for when Youngest woke up!  How sweet is that?!

I had introduced Eldest to him seconds beforehand, so Eldest was presented with a dandelion head, too!  Eldest’s wee face was a picture of happiness!  We thanked my friend’s lil guy, and waved to him while he ran back to his mum. 

A lovely way to end the first day of raincoat adventures!


Today’s poem did not tie in with any of the above, however!  I at first was going to attempt a wee poem that read like youngest was saying it, but ‘rhetorical’ kind of stumped me, and the kids were popping up asking me things all through my 15 minutes as it was, so the below was written a little disjointedly (which shows in the line and rhymes, I feel!)


Creepy  Rings  Twig  Wipe  Rhetorical  Lighten  Meat  Store  Flame

A creepy cry

Rings out – ‘cross the sky

Bats are thick

Flying quick

Hand-like twig

On your shoulder…


Wipe your terror-struck face

Go to your happy place

In your head –

But the dread

Is so choking;

That you say to yourself

Half joking:

“Is anyone there…?”

For rhetorical effect.


But it’s the biggest scare yet

When your surroundings start to lighten

Eerie glow, just geared to frighten?

Or some person come to rescue?!

(After all this was to test you

You weren’t supposed to be dead meat)

Now you swear you can hear feet

Trudging up behind once more

What has this nightmare got in store…?!


A struck match, a quivering flame

You’re engulfed by fear again

Scream and scream, try to run

Futile attempts to dodge a gun…


Oh dear, that did not sound like it had a happy ending!

Blame the generator, it started it…




‘Creepy’ photo credit:  I actually took this pic on the way back from dropping the kids off at nursery and school one February day.  The gloom had come down behind us as we walked in.  It is the sun, not the moon, shining through the fog.  A few filters on top, and you have a spoooooky pic!!



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4 Responses to “Of A New Raincoat and A Creepy Poem”

  1. Jennifer Patino Says:

    Aww, the dandelion story is adorable! I loved the dark transition in the poem. It was spooky. 😱

  2. Montaffera Says:

    I had a wee tear in my eye as I watched Youngest’s pal leave, it must be said!

    Thanks, yeah I was getting more and more frustrated as real lil feet (who were meant to be in bed…) kept trudging up to me through it, I remember 😉 and I was trying to quickly finish with all the words in place, and with rhymes, before the timer went off 🙃 Tricky!

  3. Rebecca Says:

    N is partial to a floral gift, I have many severed flower heads, he didn’t like a stem for some reason. I like the rhythm, it suits the subject and adds to the panic.

  4. Montaffera Says:

    He’s a sweetheart, such a lovely smile and so thoughtful!

    Thanks, glad the pace comes across 😉 x

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