My Producer Of Sunshine

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Hello ♥

Fittingly, it is a Jimpix day today.  I am experiencing a mish-mash of feelings to go with the jumble of words in this box.


Loosen  Palatable  Ringed  Bugger  Caught  Hoops  Bank  Spy  Producer


Even with alcohol

To loosen my thoughts

They would not be palatable.

(Least of all to me)

They stay ringed

By an electric fence;


It’s been a decade,

But I don’t trust them.

I am such a selfish bugger:

I know you needed out,

That you picked your time precisely –

But my understanding

Gets caught up in my emotions,

And my heart leaps

Through torturous, fiery hoops:


I just really bloody miss you!!


At least I can still bank

On you showing up in my dreams.


And those soft white feathers

Appearing by my feet,

That never fail to spark

Eldest’s existential conversations.


I know you came to visit –

A ‘spy’ on my wedding day –

And, as your gift,

Became ‘Producer of Sunshine’

To make photos bright.


I see you smiling from my mirror

(And your daughters’ faces, too)

I catch your echoes here

So many times per week.


But it’s not leaving like I thought it would.

This ache keeps gnawing…

As I hug people you didn’t meet,


Morph into someone you don’t know.





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2 Responses to “My Producer Of Sunshine”

  1. Jane Wright Says:

    She would be very proud of all you are achieving

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Thanks Jane, I really hope so X

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