My Preschooler Peer

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Hiya 🙂

Youngest turned a whole four and a half years old today! 

He has now become a ‘big four’ and we are upping the ante on talk about things like finally ditching the pull-up nappy pants…

He has been doing exceptionally well with walking to and from nursery this last month or so; and sometimes he can manage the collection of his big brother without the use of the pushchair, too (which can mean walking over 5 miles in a day, excluding all his running about at nursery…)

He loves walking home with me for lunch down a certain path that has no fewer than 42 steps to count and navigate, and where he is quite sure we will encounter a lion one day.

We’ve already found a giant ‘porcupine’ so it is only a matter of time…

“How did that spikey cweacha get there?!”

Remember I showed you in this post that he went through an extended phase of drawing himself (and occasionally Eldest) inside my tum?  Well, the last few days have seen Youngest drawing me a picture every night that is a bit more diverse, and always with his signature kind reason for drawing it.  [He has been swapping his nursery drawings with his friend, you see, but he didn’t want me missing out on original works from my boy as a result 😉 ]

“This is you, mummy, watching someone’s garden. I dwawed it because you work hard for us all the time” I like that he’s given me cool hair 😉

I love spending time with Youngest, listening to his thoughts on a range of subjects, and how he processes any information he gains throughout the day.  He makes me think a lot!

I am convinced my boys were sent for a reason: they can slice through all the bull in my brain and make the important stuff overwhelmingly obvious at times.  I love that 🙂


Buzzard  Some  Teammate  Needy  Omniscient  Peer  Savour  Amazing  Stow


He watched the Buzzard soar

And, like some wise philosopher,

He shed momentarily

The mantle of my little teammate.

I can place him, through his needy phases:

A pretty normal pre-schooler

Struggling with the usual stuff

(Like tricky buttons)


But once that look comes down

He becomes omniscient –

Seems to peer into the universe

Plucking life lessons to savour.


I always find it amazing

That such a little frame

Can stow away more knowledge

Than this one (aged forty years)


For those who like reading such things, the RSPB site gives a quick overview of the Buzzard; and I read about legends relating to Buzzards (and other birds) here and here.

Youngest can still sleep in the craziest places, for all his wordly wisdom.  Here he is, sound-o in our porch yesterday:


I love the way he propped himself up 😉


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  1. Jennifer Patino Says:

    Happy *half* birthday to the wee one!

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Awww thanks, he loves being that milestone closer to five…and school! x

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