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Good Evening!



On first look at what the generator threw up, I had no idea how I was going to piece these words together!

I went for a tactic that has worked in the past, and just started writing, because I only have 15 minutes to use, after all.  Doesn’t leave much room for panicking in front of a blank page…!


Elephant   Hopeless   Tactic    Honeybee   Decent   Junkyard   Boar   Charming   Howling  

While riding an elephant

At some random parade –

A stunt he’d pulled off

As a hopeless tactic to woo –


I laughingly agreed that

Becoming his ‘honeybee’ might

Not be my worst move ever

(Or: even feel decent)


Our first date was at a

Junkyard, if I’m truthful;

Him handing me oily bits

Of metal with much glee.


Luckily, I stayed the course

With this almighty weirdo

(The night he chased that wild boar

Will be forever etched…)


He’s charming and he’s witty

Yes, he often has me howling

I now could not imagine

Buzzing ‘round another man.


I am pleased with the last line, and I like how it ended up being about a couple with a sense of humour.


Notebook page (in pencil, which I pinched from my son)

My second date with my husband had me watching him have a game of footie with his mates in the middle of it (as he had taken me for an Italian lunch beforehand and had promised me a pizza dinner afterwards) so the ‘junkyard’ expedition in the poem was not too far-fetched, I thought….

It was a bit of mental gymnastics to fit ‘boar’ into my verses, but I just thought about a trip abroad with hubby (to Italy, actually) where I’d seen one gambolling through the Umbrian countryside, and thought that they’d probably cause some damage if near one’s house, so might have to be chased off?!

Have you any wild boar or elephant stories to share?  Pour forth in the comments, please!




 (Edit 29/1/17: found this today! Definitely adds weight to the wild boar anecdote in the poem!)

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