Mum In Flight

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Hello all!!


Yes, I know: it’s been almost six months since I showed up here and posted some of my ramblings…there are many ‘excuses’ that spring to mind, but it all comes under the umbrella of needing a break from the expectations I was putting myself under, and a yearning to explore my creativity without constraint.

It is the start of Global/National Poetry Writing Month tomorrow, however, and I thought that this was probably a good opportunity to get back into some regular blog writing again.  In the month of April, it is customary to write a poem a day and pop it up on one’s website for others to read. 

I have been trying to write at least 500 words a day in a document on my computer since the 18th of February, just to see what comes out, and I have been dabbling in the odd Random Word Poem again, using one of the sites I used to frequent at the beginning of my blogging days. 

It is Mother’s Day in the UK today (I live in Scotland), and the second of the two poems I wrote in my practice yesterday fits nicely with this, I feel:



“Deer mum”,

It starts, but he has to think,

So he proceeds

To insert each finger

Slowly into his ear

One at a time;

The findings examined with care.


I think about the atmosphere

I left back ‘home’.

The plane swooping through clouds.


I listen for any sign

We might be in danger,

Hope we can depend

On Ben’s silent lack of Press


My child decides on

I love you!!!

To end his epistle;

Enlists a medieval knight to

Hasten it across seats.


I finished listening to the prequel of “The Oxford Tearoom Mysteries” on Friday, and I think maybe it seeped into my poem a little, too.  It starts with a flight from Australia to England and hints at past lives…

I wonder what has happened between ‘Ben’ and the speaker in my poem? 


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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    I am glad you are back at the writing

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Me too…sometimes 😉

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