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Hey there 🙂

My journaling threw up a poem that seems to be a continuation of this one, except today the speaker appears to be in conversation with her Muse after 18 months or so.


“So!” she sighs, with liquid eyes,

“I did as I was bidden:

I wrote (I choked) I sometimes float

These crafty waves I’ve ridden”

Mr Muse


“Ah yes,” he smiles, engaging wiles

She’d hoped he’d long forgotten;

“But you and I know that you hide

The parts most ripe and rotten!

I tasked you well, can you not tell

Epiphanies are bigger

When you are brave?  Oh please! Behave!

Creation is not rigour!”


Mr Muse is still impishly strident, isn’t he?!


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[I am currently journaling (and writing poems) around prompts from The Year Of You: 365 Journal Writing Prompts For Creative Self Discovery by Hannah Braime – Kindle ASIN: B076Z6Y5L9]


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