Mew Skein Pt. 6

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As I said yesterday, my last set of Jimpix words gave me an idea for how I wanted this story to end – so I decided to just write the end of it today, no matter how long it would turn out to be.  Over 1.5K words later, I had finished 😛

I did not ask Jimpix to generate any words for this bit, I just carried on the drama that was already unfolding in my bonce.  Hope you enjoy it!!


Mew came over to see if she could claim her prize once more, but Nate caught her and struggled to the back door.  “Will I chuck her out?  Does the catflap lock?” he asked.

“No, it doesn’t for her, just her pals.”  I said, starting to examine the bird for any damage.  “I have no idea how Mew managed to get through with the cygnet!  He looks a few weeks old, quite big.  Have a look outside and see if the mother is searching for him, will you?  I don’t want Mew getting into a fight with an adult swan!!”

In his inebriated state, Nate didn’t think to look for swans through the kitchen window, but instead opened the back door.  Two excited dogs and a delighted cat bolted down the garden.

“Oh” said Nate.

“Can you stand, dear?” I asked Miriam, as Popcorn started barking incessantly from what sounded like the lake end of the garden.

“Yesh!” said Miriam “I’m abso-loofly fine.  Why?”

“Well, it would be great if you could go and help Nate get the dogs in before my neighbours want to lynch me.” I smiled “I think Popcorn might be having a bit too much fun out there, and I don’t want Rufus escaping again”

“Ok” said Miriam, staggering off “I’ll just go powder my nose firsht…”


The baby swan looked as if Dracula had popped by.  I really didn’t like the depths of his wounds at all and was at a loss for what I could do for him.  I got a few towels from the cupboard as blankets, then put him up in the bathroom with the door shut so that I could easily clean any mess he made, and Mew also couldn’t get to him.  I knew what unfortunate move I’d have to make next, so I went back downstairs to break the news to Miriam and Nate.

I found them both in the garden, trying to reason with an irate and protective Sheltie in front of Rufus’ old kennel. 

Rufus was still rampaging about, declaring his glee at the top of his voice and Mew was standing  hissing at the defensive Popcorn, obviously intent on getting in to maul whatever was being protected.

“What on Earth…?!” I started.

Ivor’s voice answered me from the direction of the side gate (he’s got to stop doing that disembodied thing!!)  “Ah!  Hello Cassandra!  I was wondering where you were – that little Sheltie is quite the sheepdog, isn’t she?  Herded those birds in there quick smart!  Just as well too, that cat looks like she’s up to no good.  Is she yours?  Is that your Nephew there? Quite a party you’re having this morning.  Em…are you aware it is after 1am…?”

“’Morning Ivor”  I said, releasing the bolt to let him in “is there a swan in the kennel, then?”

“A mother and two babies!” nodded Ivor “are they regular visitors?”

“Mew invited them” I said


“My cat.  She throttled one of the cygnets and I think the mother must be looking for it”

“Oh.  Is it in the kennel?”Blue Feather prompt pic

“No, my bathroom.  Would you like to go and keep an eye on him for me?  I need to try and help here…” I said

“Have you got any of those Oat biscuits left from the other day?” asked Ivor “for me, not the swan.  Of course”

“Yes, in the tin on the counter” I said, rolling my eyes as he walked past me.  “put the kettle on too, if you like”



Miriam came rushing up to me “That cat is a menace!  She scrashed me, look!” Miriam thrust her wrist in my face and bumped my nose a bit “sorry.  It really hurtsh!  I hate cats!”

“I’m sorry she did that to you, she likes throwing her considerable weight about.  If she’s daft enough to risk the wrath of a mummy swan, she’ll think nothing of swiping at a human, I’m afraid.  Do you need a band-aid?”

“No, I’ll live,” Miriam huffed “just come and deal with the brute!  She might hurt Popcorn.”

It appeared to me (and Nate) that Popcorn was more in danger of hurting us.  She really was reluctant to let us near the kennel on her watch.  Nate and I went after Rufus and Mew instead, and shut them in the kitchen.  I took Mew’s collar off so her catflap’s opening device wouldn’t recognise her.  Popcorn stopped barking, and lay facing the kennel instead, growling if a swan-neck dared to protrude.

Ivor came down and cheerfully informed me that I was getting low on oat biscuits, and the cygnet had soiled quite a bit of the bathroom floor already.  Miriam wrinkled up her nose and sank into the recliner again, and Nate sighed and looked very tired.  “What are we going to do, Auntie Cass?” he asked.

“Well…um…” I swallowed “I’m worried about the cygnet Mew attacked, and we need to get the other swans out of the kennel before sunrise, so I think we’ll have to phone Debbie…”


“Yes, Miriam.”


“I think we are in real need of her expertise, and” I tried for some humour “after all that’s gone on recently, she’s unlikely to charge a callout fee…”


“But I don’t think the cygnet will survive without her, Miriam” I said

“I CAN’T!”

“You could hide in my room, she needn’t know you’re here…”

“I have every RIGHT to be here!”

“I know that, but…”

“So why would I HIDE?!”

“Well”  I said, starting to feel a bit flustered “to keep out of her way.  Avoid a confrontation.”

“Why would there be a confrontation?” asked Miriam “I have nothing to say to her!”

“Sure you do!” said Ivor “The woman sto…” he suddenly caught my look and fell silent.

“Maybe you should just do what Auntie Cass suggested, mum.  I’ll sit with you, if you like” said Nate

“She’ll see your car.  She’ll know you’re here” said Miriam, re-crossing her arms and frowning even more deeply. “I won’t be hiding from anyone

“Ok, that’s settled then! I’ll go and call her, you can sit here: not hiding” I said.

Miriam just harrumphed.


Debbie got to mine about 45 minutes later, looking very nervous.  My brother had stayed in bed, apparently, which was selfish but wise.  I took Debbie straight upstairs and she agreed with me that the cygnet’s prospects weren’t too good.  It had gone downhill in the last hour, and was making no attempt to move any more.  Debbie got on her mobile and woke up a friend of hers from the local animal shelter.  He promised to be along within the next half hour.

To her credit, Debbie smiled at everyone as she walked through the livingroom to the back door.  I probably should have taken her out the front again and round by the path, but part of me also wanted a little revenge.  Nate and Ivor said their hellos, but Miriam had decided that the kitchen layout in an old IKEA catalogue was infinitely more fascinating than making eye contact.

Popcorn seemed pleased to see us.  She was still in front of the kennel, but appeared to be bored with her role now, so let us make a fuss of her and then flash a torch into the doghouse.  The mother swan immediately tried to attack us, a determined look on her snowy face.  Debbie spoke kindly to the bird, telling her that she was just wanting to make sure her young were ok and that she didn’t mean them any harm.  Something about the tone must have calmed the swan, because it stood at a reverent distance after that, and let Debbie gently shoo the cygnets out one at a time.

I had to admit, the woman had clearly found her calling in life.

“They look fine, Cass.”  Debbie said “probably pretty frightened by the Sheltie getting so close to them, but they seem unharmed.”

Sure enough, the mother swan began ushering her babies down the garden, looking like she didn’t want to hang about any longer.  It seemed she had given up her third cygnet for lost, and that made me sad.

When we went back in, Ivor was shifting from foot to foot at the back door, looking excited.  “What’s happening?” I asked

“There is a young man here, asking for Debbie” Ivor said “Miriam is livid!”

I cringed, and hurried through to the livingroom once more. “Hello!” I said to the man, loudly, trying to drown out Miriam’s furious line of questioning “are you from the shelter?”

“Yes!” he replied

“What?” said Miriam “he’s homeless?  Why was he asking for Debbie then?  Does she take in every stray male?!”

Ivor guffawed behind me.

“The animal shelter, Miriam!” I said “he’s come for the cygnet”

“The what?” said Miriam (honestly, she shouldn’t drink)

“The baby swan, mum!” said Nate, rolling his eyes.

“Well, go upstairs then, man!  It’s in the bathroom, of course!” said Miriam.

“Of course…!” mumbled the man from the shelter, heading back out to the hallway.

“Sorry about that” I said to Debbie, who was looking  mortified.  “Tea, everyone?  I know your friend will have to leave, Debbie, but you’ll stay for a thank you cuppa, won’t you?”


I could feel the daggers emanating from Miriam, and made a point of not facing her before I turned back into the kitchen.  They say that looks can’t kill, but I am loathe to test the theory.




Yaaay!  That was fun!  Thanks again to Helen for the picture of the feather and for her choice of the Jimpix generator 😉

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