Mew Skein Pt. 5

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Hey 🙂

So today’s Jimpix words set up a little scenario in my head that I wanted to explore and as a result this piece is more of a thirty than a twenty minute one (I forgot to set the timer, if I’m perfectly honest) I got an idea and just ran with it!!  This story will also go to a sixth instalment because it’s not been finished today…ooops!!

I am obviously enjoying my characters waaay too much this week.  Hazard of the job 😛

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Harlot   Sober   Thoughtful   Host   Plugged   Rowlock   Grinding   Ascension   Fumble

It turned into a messier night than I had envisioned when Nate first opened the white wine. 

Around 11pm we gave up trying to get Miriam out of the recliner, and just covered her in a blanket.  It was decided that Nate could now take the spare room instead of the couch. 

Nate and I retired to the kitchen, chewed on a couple of microwaved pizzas, and giggled about silly things his uncle and I thought were cool when we were first dating.  Nate also told me about some of his dates.  I’d have been labelled a Harlot if I’d acted the way young girls do today.  Sober, I’d probably have put on my ‘thoughtful auntie’ face and pretended to have been a bit scandalised – but I was tipsy, so I was much more fun.

“I love that you invited us over tonight, Auntie Cas.  I think mum really needed the company and chat” grinned Nate.

“Annnd here’s youuur host, live and unplugged: Cassaaaandra Rowlock!” I slurred “I really do think we went a little Jerry Springer-esque with the Debbie-bashing; very disrespectful to your father, not to mention her.  We shouldn’t do these things in front of you, y’know” I gave him a conspiratorial wink.

Nate laughed “I’m a big boy, I know you’ve both been hurt by his actions and care about Dad a lot.  He’s actually lucky to have had either of you in his life.   I also know you admire Debbie, you raved about her handling of Rufus when she moved here”

I ruffled Nate’s hair “you’ve grown up so well my darling, I am embarrassingly proud of you, as are your parents.  If I’d had a son…” the usual tears sprang up, and I paused to swallow them down with a lump of pepperoni .“These pizzas are surprisingly good, Nate.  I wonder if…”

Miriam’s scream woke both dogs with a jump, and almost knocked me off my kitchen stool.  Nate went pale.

“Are you ok?!” we shouted at once, running through to the livingroom and snapping on the light.

Miriam was standing, swaying, on her chair; a tangle of blanket around her feet. “A RAT!! A RAAAAT!  A GIANT RAAAT!” she shouted, pointing behind the couch.

I groaned, as Mew streaked past me “Are you sure?  Did Mew bring it in?” I asked, gesturing to Nate to grab the other end so I could move the offending piece of furniture.  My silly hip was already grinding in a worrying way, and I was glad I had the alcohol to bolster me if there was indeed a humungous rodent hiding a few inches from where I stood…

“I TOOOOLD YOU I HATED CATS!” Miriam flapped, from her perch.  Mew chose that moment to make her clawed ascension up the back of the recliner and right onto Miriam’s arm. 

I swear Mew grinned as Miriam was deftly caught by her son, mid-topple.

I peered down at the carpet, and saw what looked like an extremely large ball of bluey-grey novelty yarn poking out from under the radiator.  It was moving.  Curious, I prodded it gently with my foot (now quite sure it was not a rat, for it definitely had feathers).  It gave a mournful half-squawk, and a long limp neck flailed to one side.

“Goodness!  I think it’s a baby swan!” I gasped.  I got on my knees and implored Miriam not to make any noise that would scare the poor thing any further.  I didn’t want us to fumble this rescue attempt and have the bird die on us: I was feeling sad enough for it already.


Awww bless the ball of fluff!  Tune in tomorrow and see what becomes of it!

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