Mew Skein Pt. 4

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Hey you 😉

It’s Thursday…fourth instalment time!

(Here are my offerings from Mon, Tue and Wed this week)

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Dairy   Curling   Dog   Popcorn   Cairn   Nestle   Computer   Eager   White 

My Nephew stopped by the shop on his near-daily wander to the newsagents next door, intent on fulfilling his paper and dairy needs.  His hair was curling from the squally rain that had settled over the town that morning, and his crazy dog,Popcorn, was almost choking herself trying to see Rufus.

“Hi!” I smiled “how’s your mum doing?  Should I call her again?”

“She’s so-so” Nate hedged, planting a soggy kiss on my upturned cheek, “it’s very kind of you to keep looking out for her.  I know Dad’s being a prat, but still…”

“Ach, Miriam never deserved any of this! I’m livid with your father!  You know: he hasn’t even tried to contact me?!” I busied myself with constructing a cairn-like edifice with the rainbow 4-ply, and tried to remember not to make Nate feel too awkward.  “How are you doing, more to the point, darling?  This can’t be easy stuff to handle”

“I’m just worried about mum.  What Dad does is his own business, but it would have been nice to have had some warning.”

Popcorn wuffed her agreement as she tried to nestle in a nearby basket of fabric oddments.  Her lead was a little too short, however.

Nate looked uncomfortable, “of course, it must have been a bit of a blow for you not being invited to your own brother’s wedding?  Have you seen the Facebook posts?”

“No!” I said “Are they sickening?  I’ve not been on the computer today”

“She’s very…young” said Nate “let’s just say I’m not too eager for Mum to see them!”

I groaned.  “Was it a big, white affair on some balmy beach, then?”

“Well, there was no floofy dress” said Nate, gesturing to indicate a large bustle-y skirt.  “Lots of fake tan and pouting selfies, mostly”

“Lovely!” I made a face.  “You got time for a cuppa, darling?  I’ve a sudden craving for a meringue…”



Final instalment tomorrow!  Whoop! I wonder where it’ll lead…

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