Mew Skein Pt. 3

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Hiya 🙂

While the snow is piling up out there (and a red weather warning’s in place til tomorrow morning) we are ok for the moment!

I have written part 3 (here are parts one and two if you need them) Jimpix wasn’t too mean, so yaay for that 😉

today's generated words

Starveling   Annum   Hexapod   Pending   Cigarette   Anarchist   Resistant   Present   Cured

Mew tried to cheer me up after dinner, delightedly depositing a starveling  mouse in my slipper a nano-second before I inserted my toes.

That was not the nicest experience.

Mew is a prolific little hunter; if I was paying her I think she’d be the highest grossing kitty per annum around here (with strong emphasis on the ‘gross’).

She pairs up with Rufus to dispense with anything of the Arthro- or Hexapod varietyRufus whines at it in a certain way, and Mew comes running; death pending an in depth paw investigation.  They really are an asset to any household…

Miriam had been quite tearful on the phone, I’m not sure whether she’s fallen off the wagon for good, but I could definitely detect pauses for anxious draws of a cigarette.  Again, I silently thanked my lucky stars that I hadn’t ended up with some anarchist for a husband, and instead had chosen a man who had remained steadfastly resistant to unseemly behaviour all his days.  He’d have given my brother a piece of his mind; as would my Dad.  I miss them both so much: they were proper gentlemen.  They would have been so sorry to see Miriam in her present predicament.  I wish there was some way I could have prevented half of Dad’s estate going to my brother, and have kept a chunk safe for her.  Him declaring bankruptcy like that was just a huge con, obviously, seeing as he just got married abroad…!

Could selfishness like that ever be cured?  I don’t know where he got it from, I always thought my brother was swapped at birth.  Our mother was such a gentle soul…


I will again endeavour to write and post another instalment for you tomorrow!

Take care if you are out and about in snowy conditions over the next 24 hours, especially if you are driving!  The school and nursery here are closed again; we will be praying for no power outages once more and thinking about our favourite books despite the kids not being able to dress up with their peers for World Book Day 😉

Ciao for now!


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