Mew Skein Pt. 2

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I left you on a bit of a cliffhanger yesterday…so let’s get right into Part 2, with the new set of words that Jimpix gave me:

today's generated words


Skinned   Calendar   Agonizing   Exchange   Dispenser   Archivist   Flump   Cerium   Hushed 


I could have skinned my brother by the time Ivor finished his tale.  Almost a full calendar year since we mended our bust-up over Dad’s estate, and I envisioned another agonising exchange in his doorway.

Ivor looked gleeful in his role as ‘dispenser of scandal’.  Bless him.  Nothing like a good bit of gossip to brighten one’s day…

I wasn’t sure, as I closed the shop early and stomped home, which part I was most hurt by: that my brother had eloped and therefore excluded me from the wedding; or that I would now have to find a new vet.  I couldn’t very well go to her now – poor Miriam (my brother’s ex-wife) would think I was condoning him running off with a thirty year old.

At only ten years my junior, I was hoping he’d finally grow up and stop this cliché of ‘mid-life’ shenanigans.  What man really looks good in leather trousers after fifty, anyway?  What self-respecting thirty year old wants to buy into that ‘sugar-daddy’ nonsense, I ask you?  It’s not like he’s made any decent money in his life!!

An archivist by profession, it seemed my brother didn’t want to preserve his relationships as much as start a collection of them; filing away discarded suitors in a sordid black book or something. 

Who knows…maybe she’ll be the last I thought to myself, already doubting it.  I hit my couch with a FLUMP, and knew I had to phone Miriam. 

I thought of her: all alone in that little flat he’d left her with.  Her kind face, and hair that looked as if someone had knitted the roots from the new mohair line I’d just welcomed into the shop (in ‘Cerium’ colourway).

Why had he felt the need to humiliate her in this way?  Why such a young woman this time? And so local…!

I shut Rufus out in the hall and hushed Mew from living up to her name, letting her finish kneading my lap with her claws before I lifted the receiver.


Oh dear, the brother sounds a bit cantankerous, doesn’t he?!  

We have a weather warning in place for our side of Scotland over the next day or so – I’m hoping that the snow won’t interrupt my power or internet connection and I’ll be able to get part three written and blogged for you tomorrow 😉 

The council here have confirmed that the kids have a snow day, anyway, so it’s a happy ‘Restless’ household tonight!

Catch you as soon as I can…and take care if you’re venturing out in the cold!


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