Mew Skein Pt. 1

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Hi 🙂

In The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron the author talks about synchronicity and being able to spot the universe helping you out when you decide to own your creativity.  Well, I have had experience of it today!

Blue Feather prompt pic

Helen on Facebook picked a lovely picture of a blue-tinged feather from Pixabay to inspire my scribblings this week, and also asked me to use the Jimpix generator.  I dutifully asked Jimpix for 9 words, and it gave me them on a pretty, pale pink background.  I screenshot the words and saved them to my computer; then remembered that because it is the first day of a new story, I would need a title.  I went back to Jimpix and asked for five words, closed my eyes and hit the ‘generate words’ button seven times for good luck (seven is a favourite number of mine) before saving what it came up with:

Generated words for the title

Not only was the background my favourite colour – two words of the five relate to birds/feathers!!  (Skein [see definition 4] and mew [the meaning with the small 4 after it!]) What are the odds?! 

Want some more spookiness…?  I wrote this poem on the 21st of February last year, and it has geese flying overhead, a woman sitting knitting (a ball of yarn can be referred to as a skein)…and I explain later in the accompanying post that in my head the yarn she was knitting with was blue.  (Remember what colour the feather in this week’s picture prompt is?)

I’m a little freaked out by all of this 😉

Of course, the nine words Jimpix spat at me were not going to be easy to incorporate but – hey – I can’t have everything

Generated words to incorporate


Merge   Dike   Aged   Chromate   Sums   Tendril   Davit   Cabinet   Deceit

I like it when the shop is quiet around 3pm; I’m usually just starting to get sleepy, and I can settle with my knitting and relax a bit.  That day, I was getting to my favourite part of the sock process: where the stitches are all joined, and the needles seem to merge together to become more manageable. (I’ve been making longer socks for my nephew recently, so at that point I know I have quite a while before I have to turn the heel).

Rufus was out the back, digging a small dike, excited because he’d managed to bring me an old spanner earlier.  It sat at my feet, looking forlorn, its aged chromate coating helpless against the amount of weather it had obviously endured.

I chuckled to myself. “That about sums up how I feel!” I said, aloud.

“What does?” came a voice.

I jumped: at first absurdly convinced the voice had come from Rufus, who had re-entered the shop at that second, trailing some poor plant’s tendril off his tail, while looking suspiciously downcast.  On turning my head, however, I realised that the head and davit-like neck of my neighbour were poking through the open front door.

“Oh, nothing…just speaking to inanimate objects as usual” I breezed, a little embarrassed.  “What can I do for you?”

Ivor brought the rest of himself into my shop, and started rummaging through the baskets of the nearest cabinet.  He never buys anything.  My nephew thinks Ivor ‘fancies’ me.  I think he’s just a lonely, nosy old man with nothing better to do with his time.  I keep up the pretence that he’s my favourite customer, though.  It’s a comfortable deceit

Sometimes he brings me homemade scones…

“I heard about your brother” he said, far too casually for the enormity of the bombshell he was about to land on me.

Join me tomorrow for Part 2!!


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4 Responses to “Mew Skein Pt. 1”

  1. Jennifer Patino Says:

    I love that book. Morning pages are excellent. ☺

    I’m loving your stories!

  2. Montaffera Says:

    They are invaluable – even only ‘writing’ them in one’s head while running about doing stuff for others, haha! The practice really makes me tune into what I’m thinking about and where I am going with whatever project is on my mind at the time.

    Thank you hun, I’m enjoying the challenge of writing these stories. The generator aspect makes me really have to think quickly 😉 X

  3. Jane Wright Says:

    You have me hooked!

  4. Montaffera Says:

    😉 x

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