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Hello 🙂

Again, I needed to visit Wikipedia to get the feel for what the first site had introduced to me.  I attempted a ‘Senryu’ today, which has the 3 line, 17 syllable structure of a Haiku, but is apparently more cynical or dark-humoured than about nature.

The syllables have to run: 5,7,5.


All this ‘blesséd’ messcluttered room

Is not so sacred when I

Want to entertain.


Yes, I am still decluttering.  We are, actually, and it is going pretty well.  Books, clothes and toys are leaving the house in charity bags! 

(They have got stuck in the garage because the charity shop wasn’t open today…but an integral garage still counts as a separate place from the house if you have to go outside to enter it, yeah…?)


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