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I am backdating this, as I did write it on the date above, but was exhausted from my day (and probably from National Poetry Month?!) so I curled up with a Kindle Book instead of finishing this post 😉

I have bought The Year Of You: 365 Journal Writing Prompts For Creative Self Discovery by Hannah Braime in Kindle format, too; and decided that I would start straight away and see if I could not only journal about each prompt, but get a poem out of it as well!

The below came from my scribbles, the evening of the 1st of May:


A squirrel of knowledge

Storing tid-bits

For conversations

That may happen hence

(This book/

That site/

Those videos

May save you.)



A spinner of stories,

Explainer of everyday

(In flagrantly fancy funicular fashion)


A ditzy detailer, dancing

With melancholic memories.


Ferociously foraging

For finite fathomableness.


What is strange is that after I wrote this poem, the lovely Sandy wrote a very flattering comment to me on Facebook (in response to a post about me being proud of my #NaPoWriMo efforts) which ended:

“It’s like you’re rummaging through words and then stringing them into something beautiful to read”

I feel Sandy got the essence of my creative process spot on, and also continued the theme of tonight’s poem! I loved playing with alliteration in this piece.  The end result may not be beautiful every time, but it usually makes part of me smile.  It cheers me to think my readers feel like that too!

*Waves to Sandy from the screen*


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