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Magnetic  Formal  Formulation  Honesty  Fibreglass  Patient  Predatory  Belong  Between


He just always seemed magnetic.

I used to wonder

If there was a formal formulation

I could buy,

And drink,

To affect his effects.

written page for 13th October 2017

But my honesty would be my undoing.


His ego coated in fibreglass;

He wiped off their insults

And was patient with aggressors.

Many a predatory being

Was cowed by his resolve,

Secretly wanting to belong in his team

When they realised the gulf

Between their resourcefulness

And his.


He lived into wealthy old age;

Unsullied by newspaper scandal

And survived by a wife half his years.



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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    Your life seems to be full of nice surprises at the moment!

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