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Ladies, did you ever have to put up with a guy who annoyed the heck out of you at school?  Someone popular maybe, who always ridiculed you, or followed you, or just seemed to laugh with his mates any time you walked past?  Did you go to your mum, a teacher, or your friends and get told it was an immature way of him letting you know that he liked you?

This was where my thoughts immediately went when I saw the word ‘headlock’ come up on the generator.


Arcane  Headlock   Abnormally  Witch   Box   Knot   Disclosure   Pocket   Magnet

For some arcane reason

A headlock proves his love;

An armpit o’er my bonce

Not abnormally personal…


That, coupled with the word

That rhymes with ‘witch’ and ‘ditch’.

A friendly ear box

While my hair-knot gets unfurled.


Upon disclosure, I

Am met with patient smiles;

All my female friends

Say I am blessed with attention!


Hand in his pocket, he

Triggers swoons from all around

“Why be so opposed

To such a magnet?” they all ask.


Well, maybe I am mad,

But this treatment seems all wrong –

Show me respectful boys

I’ll go through my life just fine.


Notebook page

I’ve had a few lads treat me in a similar way over the years, both at school and work.  In my first job, there was one who used to punch my arm to say hello.  I was 17, naïve, and built like a twig.  He was in his early twenties, half a foot taller than me, sporting muscles and a motorbike…  He regularly left a bruise.

After writing the above poem, I thought I’d have a quick Google search for an article I was sure I had read about this.  Sure enough there was an ad campaign in Australia last year.

As the mother of two boys, naturally I often worry about the impact of my parenting upon what kind of men they will grow into. 

I hope that they will learn to cook as well as their daddy, make sweet stuff at least as well as me, remember to wipe their feet, wash and put away their laundry, tidy up after themselves etc. I want them to remember that it is still masculine to show emotions, to be vulnerable at times and to be kind and helpful whenever they can.  But, even more importantly, I hope that they will learn their own physical strength is considerable, and it is not ok to hit girls (or anyone else, for that matter).

We all have a right to defend ourselves if someone else attacks us, but I want them to try and use words and actions that deflect aggression towards them, first.  Furthermore, I want them to understand that even if a female hits them first, it will never really be a fair fight, just because of the natural differences in our bodily make-up.  I have already explained about testosterone making boys stronger than girls (in an age appropriate way) and both boys nodded sagely and assured me they never hit girls, and only push boys away if they are hitting first 😉

As I write this, they are rough and tumbling with each other in a rowdy game of tig between their bedrooms; but both are generally good at knowing (these days) where the boundaries are with other kids.  I pray that this continues and I never have to have a looong talk with them about how they are treating their future love interests…

What came to mind for you when you read the word selection?  Have you any stories of annoying schoolboys you want to share with me?

Or were YOU that annoying kid?!

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