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Hi there 😉

*Big wave to my lovely mum!  Happy Mothers’ Day, Mopples!!*

“This is you writing your poems, mummy…with plants behind you” I love how my writing arm is so defined, and I am dancing on the table beside my work!!

This Mothers’ Day, I have been looking at my children, and taking in how big they are getting.

Whereas Eldest’s haircut reminds me of when he was approximately 11 months, and I keep grabbing him to stroke his head (!); when caught in profile he looks very grown up.  I watched him on his bike today, and realised that we need to put up the seat and handlebars, because he is a bit cramped and uncomfortable! He and his brother definitely put on a growth spurt just before their birthdays.

Eldest has been reading chunks of ‘The Secret Seven’ to his dad, and not stumbling over words I would have expected him to.  He has been writing long stories in his notebook, and seems fascinated at the moment with how best to construct things and stick different materials together.

Youngest has become a dab hand at dealing with his own socks and changing his pull-up without me, suddenly.  He has also been focussing on opening wrappers independently, and tries hard to master any buttons he encounters.  Hubby has just reminded me that Youngest doesn’t need our help to scrape out the last morsels of Fromage Frais for him any longer, either.

It is all so bittersweet!

Mummy cuddles: Youngest in the middle, Eldest at the front; a few ‘heartstrings’ thrown in for good measure.

There are many little rituals that we do still stick to, however, and I am hoping some (like a boy appearing on each side of me for cuddles as I blearily come-to of a weekday morning) will follow them through the rest of their childhood and be thought of fondly, and often, as they grow.

I always come back to that rather unsettling feeling that I won’t know how well I am doing at all this until they are grown; but I am already aware that, no matter what, I’ll still feel I missed something important along the way 😛

From randomlists



Play  Earth  Hanging  Paddle  Record  Reaction  Death  Influence  Lucky


It’s not all play

This mothering gig.

Best roses I ever did see!

Sometimes, it’s moving

Heaven and Earth;

Still others: hanging the moon.


But then, there are the chances

To paddle in a puddle,

Record joyful faces, or

Every reaction to a taste.


Repeat favourite CDs to death


I get a little jolt

Every time I think of

How long my influence will last

In their precious lives.


If I am lucky

I’ll impart appropriate wisdom

In just the right amounts

To earn this title: ‘Mother’


Notebook page

I hope all the mothers reading this have had a lovely day today, and that you get a glimpse of all the good that you do, every day, for the rest of the year.

You are a special kind of awesome 😉



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2 Responses to “Lucky”

  1. Jane Wright Says:

    Lovely, heartfelt poem

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Thank you, I love those wee rascals of ours 😉 X

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