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Hiya 🙂

I thought I would pause and reflect on the new challenges I have been giving myself over the past few weeks, and link to ones I have enjoyed the most – which also gives you a chance to revisit (or discover!) them. 😉

I messed about with Acrostics on the 12th and 13th of December, got busy with a pre-Christmas decluttering drive in my house and didn’t post for a while (I may still fill those gaps…the content is all here, just the write-up time isn’t!), then resumed the Acrostic style from the 24th-27th of December; before deciding on the 28th that I would explore other options.

I had found the Young Writers site, and liked how it displayed all the definitions of the different styles in layman’s terms.  [Of course, being me, I had to look at Wikipedia every day and complicate matters a bit…but I’m all about the learning curve 😉 ]

girl in goth boots holding typewriterI didn’t stick with any particular order, just cherry-picked my way through the selection of poetry types… 

I loved learning about the Cinquain style, and hope to write a load more of them in the future.  I would also like to challenge myself to write Haiku/Senryu poetry a lot with the Kubes, as I find the restrictions intriguing!! 

I was pretty taken with the Tetractys style too: I had never heard of it, and the fact you can ‘double’ it adds a rather compelling dimension!

The poetry types I had the most fun with recently, however, were the Epigram/taph and the Tyburn!  The latter because finding and incorporating those 4 ‘doing’ words into that strict syllable structure is not easy; the former because they just flow so nicely if you get them right.  They please me 😉 

If you’ve been following the series, please let me know in the comments which style you liked the most, and why?

I think I’ve taught myself a few new tricks, and now have even more ways to express myself!  A few readers have already told me they enjoyed following the results of me wandering into the unknown (thanks so much for the feedback!) so feel free to let me know if there are any other ‘series’ you would like me to do.  I have got a lot out of the ones I’ve tried so far! 

See you tomorrow 🙂


Montaffera X


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