Living The Dream? – #NaPoWriMo20 – Day 26

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The prompt for today asked me to fill in a long questionnaire and then to use the results as the basis of a poem. Again, that is very time consuming, so I picked the question that appealed to me – “childhood dream”:


I want to be a writer, mum!

To explore ALL my head.

I want to be a writer, mum!

To gift words, when I’m dead.


I want to be a writer, mum!

To stay up late and type,

Others to enjoy what I’ve done

To earn my wordsmith stripes.


I want to be a writer, mum

I’ll practice every day!

(Please can I now stop going to school,

And in my bedroom stay?)


I want to be a writer, mum!

I’ll need some paper, pens,

Windows for inspiration – and

Less contact with my friends.


I want to be a writer, mum.

Please help me to stay strong

When publishers reject me, and

My scansion sounds all wrong.


I want to be a writer! MUM!

I promise I won’t drink

Or get tangled in seedy things!

I’ll sit at home, and think.


I want to be a writer, mum!

Don’t LET me get a job,

That would be so boring – and

Just bring on writer’s block!


I want to be a writer, mum,

And remain on this cloud.


I want to be a writer, mum!

And stand out from the crowd!


Why am I not a writer, mum?

I forgot who I was –

Somehow, ‘midst all the ‘adulting’,

Stopped championing the cause.


And here I am: un-famous

With a blog that few frequent,

Because I don’t promote myself

Or have trust in my bent.


I’m failing at this writing, mum 🙁

But thank you for your faith

That I can be ‘most anything

If I my time don’t waste…   xxx




Well, that was a bit of a sobering poem that came out! Rhymed too, like my early stuff always did.

*Double sigh*



Big hugs, stay safe, and oooooooonwaaaaards to Day 27!


Monty X


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