Literary Liaisons – #NaPoWriMo23 – Day 9

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Good morrow, dear reader!

I did write in response to Day 9’s prompt, but I didn’t leave enough time for me to compose this post and get it up on the blog.  Better late than never though, eh?

Day 9’s prompt was:

“Today, we’d like to challenge you to write your own sonnet. Incorporate tradition as much or as little as you like – while keeping in general to the theme of “love.”” [from here

I decided to keep the easier rhyming scheme of abab,cdcd,efef,gg and the ten beats/syllables to a line.


I write my love a note upon the pad,

He answers by editing what I’ve said,

So then, attempting not to feel too bad,

I tussle with our diff’rences in bed.

A pillow is the perfect place to pose

A question to the better half of me;

He sighs, only pretending there to dose,

As he adds weight to all my fantasies.


His whispers shape the ink of wordplay wrought

‘Tween motherhood and wifely life combined,

He teases out experience and thought,

Untethers folds that strive to make me blind.


His airy presence keeps me sane and strange,

Our shared dreamscapes the only things that change.


As I often do, I was thinking about the way I write, and the conversational poem with my Muse that  I started my blogging adventures with.  Hopefully that is somewhat clear in my Sonnet, for I often feel like I am sneaking off to indulge in creativity, and that it wants to abduct me like some jealous lover I have never been able to resist 😉 and yes, I will happily sit for hours, propped up by pillows, scribbling, tapping, or crafting away in my PJs if left to my own devices.  I am a transient table user in these days of having my own family to tend to.

If you want to look at any other poems I’ve written in the Sonnet form, you can see them here (which is another study of being pulled towards creativity, incidentally) and here.  Hopefully I’ll be back later today for Day 10’s poetic ponderings!

Take care,


Monty X

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