Listless – #NaPoWriMo23 – Day 7

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“Start by reading James Tate’s poem “The List of Famous Hats.”  Now, write a poem that plays with the idea of a list” prompted Maureen for Day 7.

I have at least 4 “list” poems from previous NaPo years, here, here, here and hereBut I came back to a pet peeve of mine to write a list about today 😉


I suck at making pillows plump,

Sheet ironing? I slack,

A laundry mountain makes me slump

Line-hanging hurts my back.


I hate the faff of wall-dusting,

Brisk window-cleaning too;

It takes me hours to psych myself

To go and bleach a loo!


I’d rather read my Kindle books

Or poetry-prompt wrangle,

I’m not cut out for “housewifing”

My brain’s too bored to handle!


Sorry I am getting this up on the blog so late, it’s been a lovely sunshiney day here, and we ate out for breakfast and lunch, as it was Eldest’s thirteenth birthday.  Eldest seemed to enjoy himself, and it was fab getting to spend the day hanging out with him, his brother and hubby on this Easter Friday. Hubby has been off all week, so the kids have had lots of outings and time with him.   I love that all my menfolk like being together so much.

Hopefully I’ll come back a little earlier tomorrow for Day 8!

Take care,

Monty X

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    I’m one with you there!

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