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I really like the words I was presented with today.  As I have been knuckling down to creating this blog and writing the content etc, it seemed fitting that I should get words like ‘screen’ and ‘interface’ and ‘discovery’!  It has not been the easiest of learning curves so far, and on the creative front it has definitely been an unearthing mission writing on demand!

But mostly, this selection made me reflect on how much I like being able to feel part of something bigger, just by logging onto the device I have to hand.

The poem made me smile.


Penmanship (!)

Screen   Lighter   Even   Interface   Discovery   Belief   Safety   Teach   Tape


A glowing screen

Making my mood lighter,

Even uncreasing

My interface wrinkles, for a time.


In the discovery

Of other creative minds

My belief in the goodness of life

Is restored.  Instant safety.


Eager for the lessons they teach,

Anxious for that sticky tape

On my soul.


Do you feel this way about the internet, in the most part?  Although people can use the internet to be cruel to one another, do you see it as a good way of bringing people together or rather a deviation from community, that creates more distance?

I tried to play on the word ‘interface’ here to convey not just the physical and technical wrinkles, but also the uneasiness I sometimes feel in the real world when socialising.  Words are an easier medium for me sometimes when I don’t have someone standing looking at me while I think!

As always, I’d love to read your thoughts (and maybe poems) in the comments 🙂


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