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Eldest made us proud today, while also giving us a grudging laugh.
I was woken by Eldest coughing just after 7.30am and, as it is the weekend, I told him he was free to go downstairs and grab himself an oat bar or something to tide him over until us parents could get him some breakfast. I was shattered and went back to bed (stayed up lateish again doing blog stuff…)
I heard the kids playing after that, but must have fallen back to sleep for a bit because I was woken about ten minutes after I had last looked at the clock, by Eldest rustling something. Upon my investigation, it transpired that Youngest had pooped in the potty and Eldest had come up to get him a pull-up…after having wiped Youngest’s bum for him!! I was really touched that Eldest would have done that for his wee brother, and told him so. Eldest gave me a sly little smile and informed me that Youngest also had acquired the tablet…!! 😀
Hubby got up at this point and went down to the playroom WC in trepidation, to make sure there wasn’t a faecal disaster unfolding. There wasn’t: Eldest had not only cleaned up his brother, but he had emptied the potty neatly, too! I know that it was all probably motivated by them wanting to keep the tablet viewing a secret from us, but that is pretty impressive big brothering nonetheless…I am a big sister. and I have never tried to clean my siblings’ bottoms!
Unfortunately, I discovered later that the boys had also sneaked under Hubby’s radar (I was sorting washing out) and snaffled half an individual raspberry tart and a shortbread from the kitchen side. These two are a force to be reckoned with. That little bit of teamwork cost them their viewing privileges for the rest of the day!!

Eldest read ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’ to himself, but the boys did seem to spend an inordinate amount of time telling us parents how bored they were. Especially through our lunch…hubby played with them a lot while I did housework and blog stuff, but the boys were still following me about any chance they could get. I gave out lots of cuddles, but it was all pretty tense in the house today (it was raining so there were no excursions. We still all have the ends of our cold).
Today’s generator words took me to the conclusion of a court case, which was different:



Fossil  Plaintiff  Team  Use  Character  Demonstration  Flourish  Wheat  Lesson
The fossil of a judge
Ruled in favour of the plaintiff,
And the family team high-fived
On the benches.

The accused was heard to use
A few colourful words
That did not raise his character;
And a gesticular demonstration followed.

The court reporter stretched, with a flourish,
Corralled paper sheafs like wheat;
Hoping to make his bread and butter
From this sad lesson in morality.


It is chilli night tonight, so hopefully the boys will be in a better mood for that. Youngest has had a nap and Eldest is quieter, anyway…

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