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Hey There 😀

I tried a new writing regimen out today, as the school run hasn’t started back up yet – and I don’t know whether the getting up at 5.15am (!) contributed to me majorly struggling with this poem

from jimpix.co.uk

or not, but I personally think it did!

When I read ‘knives’ followed by ‘kissing’ I knew I had a love affair to write about, but it did not flow for me very well. 

‘Panda’ completely stumped me and I wanted to give myself an extra 15 minutes to get out of the purple-scribbled prison I had created!!

It didn’t help that I looked up three of the words for inspiration in my allotted time, either 😉

Not to worry, however, I said at the start of all this that my daily poem doesn’t have to conform to my idea of perfect – or even be in the ballpark – so I leave this as a testament to that!


Wink  Knives   Kissing   Recover   Lemongrass   Panda   Staccato   Beetle   Gatorade


It started with a wink,

Veered drunkenly through the

Knives and the kissing;

Took in countless cities.

Broke the hopes of so many:

Forced to recover their shattered dreams.


Wrapped in Lemongrass bubbles

(laughing at the YouTube Panda

Who jumped when her baby sneezed)


The staccato echo of her wrath

Minutes later; his unguarded comment

Slamming a raw nerve.


From being her hero,

Gently trapping a lost beetle,

To the passion of sessions

Fuelled by whipped cream and Gatorade –


They were their everything,

And time let them play.


scribbly wibbly woo

Hubby and I were poking fun at the poem, as there are a few bits where it is unintentionally funny.  Does the ‘staccato echo’ belong to the aforementioned Panda?  Which Beatle got lost and wandered into the couple’s room (this one is funny when you read it aloud…)?  Or was the ‘beetle’ the woman’s wayward pet, and the guy was a hero for finding it again?!

Yup, I’m not impressed with this offering…!

Where would you have taken these words?  On a zoo trip?  Out to China’s bamboo forests? 

Expound in the comments, please!


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