Legendary – #inktober2019 – Day 15

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Well, hello!


The Inktober prompt for today was “legend”, and my head is still full of Greek mythology thanks to Percy Jackson; so it was quite easy to pen a quickish drawing.

What you see here are the artifacts that are said to be most precious to the ‘Big Three’ Greek brother-gods: Hades’ helmet, Zeus’ thunderbolt and Poseidon’s trident.   (I modelled the trident on this pic, hence the bit in the middle which now looks a little strange…)

Again I left out the colouring part, so I did a quick ‘paint-doodle’ before midnight to keep my daily habit going.  It is also loosely based on my reading about Percy Jackson, because in The Sea of Monsters he and Annabeth end up on a lifeboat after another vessel goes down, and there are lots of cliffs about 😉

Have you been making arty marks with your pens this October?  Drop me a link to your work in the comments and I’ll check it out!


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