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Hello again 🙂

From Jimpix (muhahahahaha)

So it came to pass: once again the generator of doom ground its cogs and presented me with a strange mix of words to play with.  It took me a bit of twisting of the ol’ grey matter to figure out how ‘Lednock’, ‘IBM’ and ‘Elwy’ were going to gel together, but I managed with just over 5 minutes to spare.

Obviously I did my research outwith the 15 minute window, I’m not that quick 😉








Splatter  Lednock  IBM  Experiment Wings  Elwy  Pharaoh  By  Chancellor


The rain did not start to splatter steadily

Until I’d almost finished marvelling at the majesty

Of Glen Lednock.

Drawn from dull conferences, and talk

Of IBM shares (and software in general) –

I was feeling free.


This experiment I’d started, oh five years ago now,

Had flexed its wings and shown me

That life was for the living.


Paradoxically, it was the dead that spoke to me most.

Whether crouched in an Elwy cave,

Tracing Neanderthal;

Or staring into Pharaoh faces, imagining the

Baking heat upon their taut skin, once –

It got me by.


It kept me sane when others rattled on about money

And gloomy predictions, ignored by the Chancellor.

History doesn’t lie…


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  1. Joseph Saling Says:

    Nice work.

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Why thank you 😉

  3. Jane Wright Says:

    Another very interesting poem

  4. Montaffera Says:

    Thanks Jane 🙂 x

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