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Hey there 🙂

Eldest did himself proud today, said all his parts at the parents’ presentation clearly and without having to look at the sheet.  It was lovely to see him up there with his peers, dancing away and enjoying it all.

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There were a few unintentionally funny moments where the class said their lines out of turn, or forgot their cues, but we were an adoring audience so it just added to the charm 😉

They all did so well, I doubt I would have been able to remember so much text at the tender age of 6 or 7!

Youngest was bopping along to the music on his seat beside me, tugging on my arm every time I tried to take a snap.  He even took random shots of audience members (while I was wrestling with his enthusiasm so other people could see the performance) I later found out. He’s a wee rascal!

I let my subconscious write today’s poem while I thought about what I wanted to eat for lunch.  I don’t think it’s entirely about me…




Year  Lead  Texture  Genetic  Extraterrestrial  Governor  Buy  Harsh  Bullet


The year could only lead to more success

(The texture of which

Was pretty repulsive to me)

I have a genetic aversion to limelight

I do not glow

Like some extraterrestrial’s chemiluminescence

When I’m the centre of attention.

But I like being self-employed:

The governor of my own destiny.

I like knowing that

Everything I buy has been

Paid for by facing harsh realities;

Biting many a bullet

Until the lead wears down my teeth.


I have so many scars

That no one knew existed,

So I’m airing them one by one

From behind my bedroom door;

Hoping to transcend flesh completely,

Transport my message far and wide:

“It’s all ok.

We can do this.”


Purple ponderings

Yes, ‘chemiluminescence’ is actually a real word.  If you look at today’s scribbly purple writing, you’ll see that I had at first written

                                              Like some phosphoric extraterrestrial

Which is a little less of a mouthful.  But, having managed to write the whole poem in under 8 minutes, I wanted to check that phosphorus does actually glow green, and I wasn’t just havering. (Moi?!)  Well!  It does a little, according to Wikipedia, but (technical bit coming up):

In 1974, the glow was explained by R. J. van Zee and A. U. Khan. A reaction with oxygen takes place at the surface of the solid (or liquid) phosphorus, forming the short-lived molecules HPO and P2O2 that both emit visible light. The reaction is slow and only very little of the intermediates are required to produce the luminescence, hence the extended time the glow continues in a stoppered jar.
Since that time, phosphors and phosphorescence were used loosely to describe substances that shine in the dark without burning. Although the term phosphorescence is derived from phosphorus, the reaction that gives phosphorus its glow is properly called chemiluminescence (glowing due to a cold chemical reaction), not phosphorescence (re-emitting light that previously fell onto a substance and excited it).

So I used the big fancy word, after educating myself a bit to boot.  Always a bonus…

I differ from the speaker in the poem in that there is a definite streak in me that was made to ‘be’ rather than ‘do’; and I have liked the stability that comes from not worrying where the next rent/gas/electric/phone payment is going to magically appear from (my landline bills used to be huuuuge when I was single and in my early twenties, and I didn’t make the leap into a decent pay grade job until I moved to our current house at 29, and started to focus.  Then I gave up work to be with the kid(s) and we’re lucky in that hubby can support us all)

I do (mostly) save a house from abject ruin, walk a stupid amount of miles, and keep two little people alive every day, however.  There is always a catch.

But there’s also that fiercely independent part of me that is looking down its nose at the fact I hand over the money side to hubby these days.  A part that cringes when I hear myself tell randoms touting for work on my doorstep “I’ll have to stop you there, my husband deals with that side of things, have you a leaflet I could show him?”.  It’s a good way to fend off pushy salesmen, mind you.  Doesn’t work with Jehovah’s Witnesses, but a squalling kid looking needy usually does the trick.

(The other day, a guy looked me in the eye and said “your hubby’s lucky, my wife doesn’t trust me with money at all!” and I instantly lost respect for him and his company. Not the best advert, is it?! “There is obviously a poem or two in his background” said my subconscious…)

Anyway, where was I? 

Oh yeah, I would love this blog to grow into something commercially viable, but I am not as vehement about it as the poem’s speaker.  Plus I do actually quite like chatting to people face to face while I’m out and about, and seeing how they’re doing.  Success sounds a bit scary, but I’d handle some speaking up ok 😉 Other parts of the poem could be me though.  My subconscious does that 😉

Would you like to be self-employed?  Did you build a business from scratch and feel great spending the spoils?

Are you a habitual bullet muncher?!


[Two asides:

  1. The performance my Eldest and his class took part in was this one.

2. I have been in debt, and scraping by on pennies due to preferences for partying on payday before being ‘forced’ to use a credit card to survive the rest of the month.  I bucked my ideas up and paid every penny back (with extortionate interest) by working my butt off and teaching myself to be good with money; why APRs above 4% are the devil (I’m looking at you, Debenhams Gold Card), that material things/parties are not as important as peace of mind, the 0% balance transfer shuffle etc etc.  Just in case you think I judged the guy on my doorstep harshly.  It is just my opinion that one should learn to be good with money in business to remain honest, and be mindful of others relying on a paycheck, too.  Especially if it’s your wife relying on that paycheck!]

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