Lake Heaven Pt. 5

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Hey 🙂

Here is the last instalment!

[If you need a link to one, two, three and four…you’ve got ‘em 😉 ]

These are the nine words Random Word Generator came up with for me to use today:

Generator 'roll' for today


Scrape   Salmon   Child   Marketing   Enemy   Rifle   Tidy   Seize   Observation  

He’s been shouting at me for a long time.  At least, he thinks it’s directed at me.  I’m waiting for his breakthrough.

Standing in this kitchen, my hands morphing into hers as I scrape the brown meat from the salmon, I have the clarity of a child.  His hurt is coming off him in waves.  It could engulf me, so I am keeping up the walls.

My internal monologue is changing.  I am starting to realise that this long 18 months of writing/discovery/marketing/being sought out has made us rail against each other as one does against a foe.

But he is not my enemy.

I saw his copy in the same bag.  He was using her photo as a bookmark.  There were passages highlighted from every chapter.  I almost felt proud…

The rifle was bulky, but he still had room for my book.  He hadn’t brought a change of clothes.

“Why did you take it?!”  he wails.

My tiny, tidy, living room whirls into view as he spins me round.  The knife skitters along the worktop.  I feel lucky he didn’t seem to notice that, as his large hands seize mine.

One thing most of my positive reviews pick out is my keen observation skills.  I feel as though I have not studied his face properly in a very long time.  I can see the panic in his eyes now that his last resort is gone.  I can feel his thundering pulse through the pads of his fingers.

I suddenly know what I must do.

“Dad, I love you” I say.

I hold his head in my lap as he cries.  This cottage can shelter us both for a while.

I’ll have all my family at my fireside tonight.


I hope that you find this ‘ending’ satisfactory and you have liked where I went with this prompt picture and the generator that Sandy asked for me to use.  I’ve enjoyed wrapping my head around the inspirations, and I will be starting a new story (for a lovely new reader, Helen) on Monday…using Jimpix again!!:)

Catch you then…

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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    I didn’t see the ending coming. Well done.

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Thanks 😊 x

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