Lake Heaven Pt. 3

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We’re on part three, here are parts one and two if you need them 😉

Today’s selection had a food connection again!  I’ll have to stop munching snacks at my laptop…


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“I have always been a frank detector of bulls**t, as you know” he says.  “When someone offers us a movie deal, but then is cagy about the money question, I know they are hoping to rely on my ignorance.  But you and I know, baby: I’m not in any way naive! I’ve been in this game far too long to have the wool-pull done to me!”

I cringe at this swiss-cheese statement.  The old me would have added to the ironies, but I keep quiet and try not to openly scan for exits.

Every calorie I forced down seems to be rising in my throat again, waiting to dish revenge on the tablecloth.   I long to flee this place, with its glowing screens and complicated days; circular talk and meaningless adulation.

Why did I promise to be faithful to this madness?  Where was the intelligence in ripping myself away from the place my creativity thrives, and returning to the turmoil that broke me?

I did not write a book to become a commodity for a spiritually starved population.  I wrote to free my own soul, dance in my uniqueness, find a drum beat that made sense. 

Somehow I have summoned a torrent that is anything but refreshing.  Now I am gasping for air.


Join me tomorrow for part 4 😉


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