Lake Heaven Pt. 2

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Hi 😉

So where is the story going today?! 

[Here is part 1 if you need to catch up]

Again I went to Random Word Generator as per Sandy’s instructions, and this is what I got:

Generated words for Pt 2


Annnd I got to work…


Paradox   Double   Boom   Stimulation   Elect   Strength   Review   Breakfast   Hang  


Waking in the city feels like an act of war.  Nowhere do I experience the ‘connection paradox’ more keenly.  So many faces, and yet the loneliness is stifling.

Double boom!” he cries, as the stock market opens.  I am dizzy already from over-stimulation.  I do not feel part of the universe’s elect here.  The strength I gained in silence is leeching from my soul, and I have nowhere to go to get it back.

He crows at every positive review online, as if it matters on any level.  I sit down to breakfast late, E.E. Cummings surging through my brain.  Sampling my tasteless freedom, I consider the leaf I am growing; the tree I belong to, how long I can reach for the sky…

The whole way through, my ‘companion’ doesn’t hang up the phone.  I miss the days when eating was a shared event.  When all the participants in the conversation could be touched both physically and spiritually – when that conversation made me feel safe, enlightened, part of something warm.

He looks at me and my grave feels stepped on.  There’s something about those eyes…


Join me tomorrow for part three! 


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