Lake Heaven Pt. 1

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The lovely Sandy gave me this Pixabay picture to inspire my scribblings for the week (see my Facebook’s ‘sticky post’ challenge if you want to bagsy a week inspired by a picture you chose):

fire and burning logs


Sandra also instructed that my generator for the week was to be…Random Word Generator!

five words to choose title fromI first requested 5 words to get a title for this story.  The generator gave me: lake, nose, method, strain and heaven.  Whereas ‘Nose Strain’ and ‘Strain Method’ brought up interesting alleyways in my mind (!) I was really drawn to ‘Lake Heaven’. 

Google says both Lake Heaven and Heaven Lake are real places (in Thailand and Northeast China, respectively) but mine feels like it is in America 😉

[There is also the ‘Heavenly Lake of Tianshan’ and John Dalton’s debut novel…]

Anyhoo, that was my title sorted.  I then generated 9 words, set 20 mins on my computer’s timer, included all the words in 10 and woke up when the timer went.  I shouldn’t try to write late at night.  I committed another 10 mins eventually…hope you enjoy this first instalment!Random Word Generator words for pt.1


Noise   Haunt   Orbit   Frame   Linear   Award   Flatware   Stubborn   Important 


I am not a fan of noise.

The pulse of blood in my ears can sustain me for many hours; the gentle lap of water and the calls of the birds that haunt these shores are all the companions I need.  I orbit my own sun, I frame things through the one prism.  My thoughts may not be linear, but they belong to me.  I take each award society offers for this time I’ve carved for myself, and forge forwards.

But today I share my meals with him.  Today I pass out flatware and those conversational nuggets I’ll hate myself for later.  He remains a stubborn mass of blame: chewing and boasting but not ever connecting.  He can’t see why that’s important, but I can; and I’m enraged.

He says I am a loner, like him, and that we know the truth about how the world works.  We can stand on the outside and look into the centre because we are not afraid. 

With all this natural splendour around us, he is still telling me it’s a game we are winning.  That we can conquer ­- and laugh with our spoils. 

He has brought business to my fireside.

I see tyre tracks in the logs…the flames grow fierce…a taste is rising from my last bite that wasn’t there before.

“Come home” he says.


See you tomorrow 😉



[Fire pic is from here]



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  1. Jennifer Patino Says:

    Wow! This is a phenomenal start!

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Thanks!! You read fast 😉 x

  3. Jennifer Patino Says:

    Ha! Yes, I know 😊

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