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My older brother-in-law (Hubby’s side) bought me a set of Haikubes for Christmas, having seen them in a bookshop and figuring they well suited my random poetry leanings! My inlaws are actually visiting us at the moment, so I got a chance to try out the cubes while my BIL could witness the results 😉

There are two dice printed (in red) with subject prompts, and the rest provide words that are one’s choices to make up Haiku/Senryu (a three line poem with the syllable structure 5-7-5).

I tried a first one in the way it was intended:

First Haikubes attempt

So the subject prompt is ‘a desire for’…


Watching hero hoped.

(They point behind you, sister)

He must have that girl.


There were so many tantalising word blocks left over from my throw of them all, however!!  I couldn’t just leave them there…so I compiled a second Senryu (it’s about a major human foible!) without a prompt:

Second attempt with Haikubes


Peace dancing clever…

Body, killed one wicked war:

cover waste with wise.


Then…well…the kids came to mind for a third wee crack at my (now dwindling) selection of cubes 😉

Third attempt with Haikubes



Sleeping marvel…or

Torture! Trouble! Heavy blocks!

(But so not simple)


So thanks BIL, that was definitely a gift that will keep me inspired!


(Stay tuned: Hubby’s youngest brother gave me a book about the kids’ Raspberry Pi 3.  I see fun with that in our near future!!)



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  1. Jennifer Patino Says:

    That’s a neat gift! 😃

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Yup, I have lovely BILs 😉 x

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