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Hiya 😀

I had a laugh writing tonight’s poem! 

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I don’t get enough time to fit all my hobbies in my weeks any more.  I think I have mentioned before that I re-taught myself to knit for the 2006 world cup, so that I could keep hubby (actually boyfriend at that time) company on the couch without dying of boredom?  I knitted him a scarf in Arsenal coloured stripes, just to get used to garter stitch again.

Fun and chilled-out, pre-kid times…we were on a different couch, with a baby, by the 2010 football extravaganza!!

I have met a few (!) lovely people online who are not afraid to have a chuckle on knitting sites, back in the days when I was pretty much couch-bound while I was in the latter stages of my first pregnancy. I was thinking, as I wrote it, that they might appreciate the following…


Collar  Toothbrush  Money  Knit  Smell  Wilderness  Sparkling  Delightful  Spade


I was obsessing about the collar

As I loaded my toothbrush.

Oh, if I only had limitless money

And could knit away my days!

Just like the smell that says

“You’re entering a bookshop”-

There is that feeling of having been lost

In a wilderness bereft of colour;

Until – AT LAST – you set foot in a yarn store…

And your soul starts sparkling

At the sight of all that delightful fluff!

Oh! If I could only have my way,

I’d dive into a vat of fibre;

Swim to the very bottom in ecstasy –

Squashing, squeezing, squishing (while squealing)

Hours later: exhausted

I’d have to be dug out, with a spade…



I found my favy pen!

The above is obviously (?) a piece of nonsense, but I do find myself standing sighing at my craft cupboard now and then. Pawing at it a bit, and whining. My parents did a stellar job of helping with fixing this sliding wardrobe together to hold all my crafty lovely things, and I’ve not really had a second to even attempt to sort it out.  That’s what happens when I get a crazy idea to start a blog, and therefore stop procrastinating with yarn.

I need to have another go with my needles, and see what I can create.  It’s been tooooo long.


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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    Lovely, evocative poem

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Thanks Jane, I had fun so I’m glad you liked it! x

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