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From Jimpix

The kids are mending slowly, Youngest more alert and himself than Eldest (who is still feeling yuck if he sits up).  They were having lethargic fisticuffs over what should be shown on the tablet earlier, though; which is a ‘good’ sign. 

I decided to try and play with alliteration today and see where the words took me.  Jimpix (of course) so my selection was not the easiest.


Kalia  Curling  Rabble  Smoking  Selfish  Quilt  Rage  Judicious  Mizzen


Kalia keeps curling her toes

In the wrap, above her sibling rabble.

Sarah is smoking her selfish cigarettes,

Tucked in a quilt on the balcony.

The ravenous rage of a raucous rugrat

Breaks through at a judicious moment,

They suddenly decide to troop to the table

(Making me the mast to their wee mizzen)


Notebook scribblings

I looked it up, and ‘Kalia’ means beauty in Korean and flower in Hawaiian.  It is also a variety of sweet potato.  I decided to use the word as a girl’s name, as I have dealt with the sweet potato debate before

I had to get a wee diagram of what a ‘mizzen’ was, as the explanations were not working for me.  I liked the idea of the babysitter (I assume?) bringing up the rear of the other kids with the baby strapped to her like a sail 😉  also ‘mizzen’ sounds like the scots word midden, or even bissom/besom which made me laugh!

What do you think is happening in this poem?  Why is ‘Sarah’ seen as being ‘selfish’?  Is she not just taking a break? Are they on holiday?  What ages are the children?

It’s nice to have a poem come out that I am unsure of the background for again, the last few have been close to home 😉


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