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Good Evening 🙂

From jimpix

Well! Don’t read this post out to anyone under the age of consent!

I got a quick education from today’s words!  I had to look up ‘rodge’ and ‘Dongguan’ and skim-read to leave myself with enough time to write the damn poem…and I don’t think I did too badly with under ten mins’ scribbling room…

I always know it’s going to be a challenge when I pick Jimpix as my generator for the day.  It was Jimpix that inspired this poem too, which also incorporates a hint of China.

*Those who do not like things of a sexual nature: look away now.  (Don’t judge me, I just obey the generators 😉 )*



Rodge   Cascaded   Cauliflower   Discovered   Confident   Dongguan   Extend   Winks   Dreams


“I’m just gonnae go – and get my rodge on”

He beamed, from across the table

(Just as the toddler’s water tipped

And cascaded down my leg;

Closely followed by cauliflower florets

She’d just discovered she hated)


I tried to look confident, but failed.

I mopped up the mess, while thinking.

“Do send me a postcard then, bro”

I breezed, “from Dongguan”

I paused “Do you think it’s cos they extend their…

Welcome that the city’s called that?!


Or did the word ‘dong’ come later?!”

He winks at me, and smirks, kind of impressed:

“Don’t pretend you’re happy for me

Just know I’m fulfilling my dreams…”


Notebook scribbles

I have the man speaking in a Scottish accent at the start, but not at the end.  Bit wrong? The woman doesn’t seem to have any accent!  I like the interplay of the two characters’ worlds, however.  As always, it was interesting conjuring them out of nothing and trying to form a story about them in such a short space of time.

(Here is the proper link for the city, it says that there was a major crackdown on the sex industry there three years ago).

What did you pick up from the characters’ dialogue?

How would you have written a piece with these words?

Regale me in the comments, please!


P.S. ‘Cauliflower‘ has an entry in the urban dictionary too.  I just thought to look it up.  Think I’m going to x-rate this post *shocked face*



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