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Youngest decided, around 8.15am, that he would NOT be riding in the buggy today.

Not for bribery of any kind.

Not for mum who was very tired and impatient, and could actually have just laid herself down on the drive, and cried for a month about how ridiculously fed up she was with all the nonsense that ensues when she mentions it is time to get ready for school/nursery/anywhere that requires clothes – whether the kids were just telling me two seconds beforehand that they were impatient to go, or not:  Every.  Single.  Morning.

I reminded Youngest that he’d have to carry his bag as my pelvis hurt:

“I’m fine of dat!”

He’d have to walk really fast, because Eldest couldn’t be late for school:

“I’m fine of dat!  I’m four now!  I walk weely quickly now! I can keep up wiv oo!”

I wouldn’t take the buggy, so he’d get tired and have nowhere to rest:

“I don’t NEED a west!  I’m a big boy! I weely STWOOOOONG!”

Etc, ad nauseum…


So we all walked.

The boys carried their bags brilliantly for the first quarter of a mile or so:

Then we got round the corner a bit from this pic, and Youngest stopped and said:

“OOOOOOH!! Why didn’t oo bwing da BUGGY muuuum?  Oo going too FAST for me! I want to go in da buggy now!”

Eldest was quite far ahead, but (bless him) he came back and took Youngest’s hand:

“Why don’t you hold mummy with your other hand, and we can help you keep up?”

This worked pretty well, along with me telling the boys about when Eldest was four and how he used to walk everywhere, and the things we used to talk about. Youngest was also allowed to push the hallowed button:

Which was a very big concession on Eldest’s part!

Eldest got into his line by the skin of his teeth, after having to stop and eat something on the last bit of the journey.  A flushed Youngest snaffled an oat bar while I wrestled his feet into his shoes in the nursery cloakroom, and he was in and sorted (and hugged) before the ‘hello time’ bell had been rung.

I went straight to the wee shop beside the school and bought carrot cake, a titchy bottle of PROPER Irn Bru, and some Empire Biscuits (which I would share with hubby) then I hobbled home, hating my backpack as it dug into my shoulders.  Oh to be able to feel confident enough to not lug all those ‘useful things’ in it around with us evvvverywhere 😉

Youngest was still full of beans when he got out of nursery (but not literally), and walked most of the way home after fueling up on a sandwich or two.

In a pleasant twist, Youngest was also able to hug his brother before leaving, as the primary twos were out watching the  primary six’s cricket match in the school grounds (as one does on a lovely day) and Eldest was sitting near enough the nursery to caress without disrupting the whole class 🙂

I think Youngest walked 2.5 miles in total, today.  Not bad!

On the way back to get Eldest later, Youngest was sound asleep; so I got to listen to my tunes a little while I powered down the pavement; trying to walk the annoying pelvic thrum off (cos that’ll work).

It was windy, but glorious! Eldest pushed the buggy a lot for me as we headed home.  He was really kind today, actually.

It was the turn of the Jimpix generator, so there were two words I had not come across before, and two I needed to firm up my understanding of: ‘collop, ‘Mallie’, ‘lucrum’ and ‘Joule’.  The second to last link made me laugh as it is so repetitive.  That last one is about the guy himself.  What I quickly learned about him helped greatly with the end of my poem 😉


Collop  Tux  Cheetah  Innovative  Celery  Mallie  Ferrari  Lucrum  Joule

I watched the saucy collop slide

Down the front of his tux –

And her run to him,

With cheetah speed,

To mop it up.

I was SO bored.


There is nothing innovative

At these events.

Crunching celery with Mallie

(While some pr**k speaks

Of his Ferrari’s prang)

Is not scintillating.


Lazily, I wondered

About the true energisers –

Effervescent souls

Giving off a buzz –

What lucrum was there

In being the next James Prescott Joule?


(At least he’d know

A thing or two

About running a decent p**s-up…?)


Now, I really should rest these nagging muscles and relax into my weekend…

Toodles for now, lovely readers!






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