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Good Evening!

Look what hubby bought me from the store!!  I am so excited that there are orange and yellow biros in there 😀  I am such a sucker for stationary items.  I got to start a new notebook yesterday, and today there are pens to play with. 

Who said turning 40 this year meant that I had to be a grown up?!

Last night’s party was fab, but I did not take any photos other than of a kid to prove to Eldest he was there (I asked permission!), and some blurry shots of the Birthday Girl showing a friend her line dancing moves!

It was strange being out by myself, and the phone was not far from my hand just in case, but I definitely enjoyed myself.  It was funny being there with kids that were not mine around the place – knowing that I was not responsible for them, and yet being aware of how I was casually keeping tabs on them anyway. 

There were late teen/early twenty people there, people my own age with ‘proper’ jobs and then older members of the hostess’s family; and it was weird having the luxury of being able to observe how I fitted in to it all.  Getting to sit back and notice all the small interactions between people, guage how everyone felt about them.

I was even introduced to someone who followed me on Twitter then and there!  That is a new one on me!

Apart from feeling the differences in the way my body has been behaving over the last few years, it hasn’t REALLY sunk in that I have reached  middle age.  I still think that I react to life the way a later twenty-something does.  But I don’t.  I have more confidence than I did at that age, it emerges when I see a kid about to do something risky or I clock someone needing a hand with something. 

It shows in the easy transition I manage between throwing some shapes on the dancefloor and talking to a child in a soothing way to try and resolve a conflict that may be about to take place.  My changes are apparent because a kid might not know me, but something about the way I interact with them puts them at their ease pretty quickly. 

I’ve been around a long time.  I’ve learned a few tricks – even mastered some.  The hard work is paying off!

After the above, I can’t think why I wrote the below…


Century  Muscle  Acrobat  Clover  Scream  Homeland  Headphones  Bleakly  Attacker

The orange pen doesn’t scan too well. *Sigh*

After a century, I got a bit bored.

I think I pull a muscle at least once a week jumping about like some crap acrobat, scaring the bejesus out of hapless clientele; but part of me loves it.  Some twinkling chamber of my psyche is in clover after every hearty scream.


Of course, the other ‘lifers’ (we do have a dark sense of humour in the vampire community) prefer to sit about revelling in stories of our native homeland; listen to mournful music on their headphones while staring bleakly into the abyss of hell. 

Or something.

Maybe it is because I was taken early that I still have a restlessness about me?  I never even saw my attacker’s face, so swift and lethal were they.  I’m not even sure they meant to turn me, others have said I am a bit of an anomaly because  I never drank my assailant’s blood…?

Anyway, I don’t like to dwell on ancient history.  I’m too busy enjoying my new job!



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