Imprint – #NaPoWriMo20 – Day 2

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Hey there 😊


Today’s optional prompt, on the NaPoWriMo site, was to “write a poem about a specific place” and to include details to make it feel real to the reader.  




I stared at the flowers on the wallpaper

And they looked back.

I traced their faces

With imaginary ink,

Whilst sat on the loo.


I look for similar designs

In swathes of

Vintage material.


And a Liberty print,

Or crisp gingham check,

Can catapult me back

To the smell of the tile

In that childhood porch.

(Always that smell!)


And a black marble’s swirl

On a worktop…




The patterns I seek

Are not available to buy.


As we watch more and more Dr Who while the kids are at home all day, I keep seeing ‘portals’ to the past everywhere and reflecting on their significance. I feel this is shaping up to be a bit of a theme…but there are 28 poems to go in the month, so maybe Day 3’s will veer down another path 😉

I hope you are all well and taking time to get creative yourselves? Take care, and I’ll see you in my third NaPoWriMo post…


Monty X



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