Immersed In The Accursed

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Hello 🙂

I have not visited my beloved random word generators for a while, so I popped onto Textfixer and got these nine words for today’s poem:

Textfixer generator screenshot

I read them and immediately knew what I was going to write about 😉

Seven  Messiah  Star  Baboon  Weasel  Acoustic  Decade  Accursed  Tactic


Seven days a week

I follow the news

On a fake messiah;

Watch this ‘star’

Tear up the world stage.


Gesturing like some baboon,

Flanked by a devoted weasel or two;

Addicted, as always, to the acoustic virtues

Of his open mouth…Picture of a baboon


I get sucked into

The same game

Of judgement and name-calling,

Part of me enjoying 

The dangerous feckless folly unfolding.


I shake my head and feel sure

That this decade we’re in

Shouldn’t be tolerating him

And his accursed ways;

That every tactic he tries

Is inherently wrong.


But what ‘adulting’ am I displaying here:

Faulting a system

I don’t even understand…?


How weird to feel superior

When a great nation toys with wars.



[Second pic is from here]

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