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HI! 😀


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Well, we did it!  We had a successful party for the tiddlywink, and survived 😉

Youngest says that his favourite parts were: “Pass the passal when I got my tweat, moosical bumps and when I got my tehwadactal!”

Youngest greeted every little guest as they arrived, and doled out big thank yous and squishes whenever he was handed a present.  It was really adorable!

Brotherly love over pressie excitement!

All the kids were very well behaved, and there was no fighting or crying after being ‘out’ for any of the games (successful consolation prizes, then!). My siblings came with my nephews, and so our boys all got to hang out together for the first time since our Eldest’s party last year.  They had fun rarring dinosaurs at the adults, and running about daft after balloons.

Youngest’s guests seemed to enjoy having their own wee box for their lunch, too.  I had ordered an assortment  online,  and Youngest had chosen the colours he wanted his friends to have for the day.  So much easier having the food all pre-packed than worrying about uncellophaning  piled-high platters!  I am all for the smooth transitions, I don’t like hard work!

My mum was a star and stayed up to a silly time with me last night, checking stuff and chatting; then got up before me and had done all my dishes from last night by the time I got to the kitchen!  She also supervised the boys at different points of the morning, helped me triple check everything, put out the tables while I unpacked all the stuff in the church kitchen, and helped me out in other little ways that mums do for the rest of the time she was with us!

The other mums were great too, tidying up, complimenting how I had planned stuff, and generally being lovely.  All in all it was a pretty unscary party for Youngest’s fourth celebration!

We were all in need of cuddles afterwards, however.  Party come-down can be a bit hairy 😉


Gluttonous  Family  Hug  Cough  Kitten  Warning  Highway  Passenger  Binocular


Gluttonous family

Consume me with a hug

Soothing all the harshness

They saw fit to cough up.

I, as meek as a kitten,

Just lie there and purr;

(Things can change without warning

If they do chance to stir…)


On this crazy mum highway

It’s nice to just stop;

Distance myself from ‘duty’,

Into little arms flop.

After piggy back rides

(Eager passenger kicks)

Or vast games of ‘volleyball’

(Balloons fiercely flicked)

I like to calm right down

And switch my brain off;

Shut down the binocular –

Breathe in childhood’s sweet waft.


Sunlit Youngest

Well, sometimes that ‘waft’ is not that pleasant, but I think you know what I mean 😉

They say that the most precious jewels that can adorn a mother’s neck are the arms of her children, and I wholeheartedly agree. 

Bless their (sweaty) little socks, I loved seeing their smiley faces today!  We have been gifted with a lovely community here, and I am so glad our children are going to grow up with such lovely people around them.


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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    And the poem is a nice way to remember the day.

  2. Montaffera Says:

    🙂 definitely x

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