How to Burn A Ty

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A Tyburn poem is one that has 4 rhyming 2-syllable words as the first four lines, then two 9-syllable lines: incorporating two each of the first four words as the 5th-8th syllables (so line 5 has each word from line 1&2, line 6 has each word from line 3&4). 

Confused?!  Here are my Tyburns:






Watch me stumble: bawling…falling…bust.

Understand: we’re stalling…palling…dust.


Female statue covered in poop, with a seagull in her hand






I run from the swooping, pooping birds –

Still ambushed! Pride drooping…glooping turds!!



Basically, I had 4 syllables to play with before incorporating the words, then only one syllable after them…I hope that makes more sense now?!  These were fun!


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