How They Fly

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Hello! 🙂



I didn’t need to look up any of the words in today’s selection, so I just dove straight in with a thought that popped into my head:





Appear  Magnificent  Equipment   Captivity   Neck   Last   Aim   Cough   Convict

Even the smallest detail

On a ‘repulsive’ bug’s wing

Can appear magnificent.


It is all a matter of perspective,

And obtaining the right equipment.


I have a beauty if I only focus in

On what’s important; even if

Sometimes it feels like captivity:

My neck constantly cricked by

The pressure to be many things

I’m not sure how to own.


Sometimes, after a long day,

The last aim of my inner nag

Pummels below the belt;

And I can’t seem to feel ok

With anything I’ve done.


It is so wrong, after all this time,

To be susceptible to the nonsense;

But still, I cough up my pride

And watch it thrown away.


I need to notice delicacy

Does not imply much weakness.

Do not convict the vulnerable,

Though you know not how they fly.


A friendly scribble ‘cross a page.

I don’t really like this poem.

There is a repetition of ‘sometimes’ for a start, and although the first three lines came to me straight away, pretty much fully formed, I don’t like where I went with them. 

I’d like to rewrite the poem, especially the end which I don’t feel works at all.  Maybe I will!

What picture would you paint with today’s generated words?




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