Hot potato

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Hello, lovely people out there 😉

I had to google ‘yam’. 


I do not live in America, and I think I’ve mentioned before that I am no cook! I was a bit stumped about how to incorporate all the other words after I got it straight in my head what yams were, but a few characters materialised to help me out with that.

Handy, huh?

I can’t decide which gender the older two are, they don’t seem to be fixed in that way in my head. They are more voices that are obviously elderly, but turned down. 

I can tell you that they are sitting in a room painted a cheery pale yellow, full of dusty books and sunbeams. The chairs that hold the characters are high backed and have a pattern etched into their rough fabric.

There is a plate of custard creams and gingernut-type biscuits on the table between them.  The tea has been brought by somebody, so maybe they have a home help or maid?

 I’m not sure why the speaker is there, but she’s female, late twenties, and visits quite a bit.  She might be related??  (She’s wearing a long pencil skirt that she hates, anyway).

My subconscious doesn’t always let me have a logical sequence of details in 15 minutes 😉


Yam   Impolite   Division   Truthful   Cluttered   Easy   Handsome   Inform   Futuristic

As their mad (favourite) topic

Rumbled forth again

I tried not to come down on

The ‘yam’ or ‘sweet potato’ side

For fear of seeming impolite.


It was a needless division

That neither cared about, if truthful,

As they sat in that cluttered room –

It was just an easy way

Of passing time.


The handsome new window cleaner

Buffed up the panes;

The old acquaintances turned

To inform me that the lad’s musical tastes

To them seemed scandalously futuristic.


I wonder what the window cleaner is into?  I get the impression that the ‘old acquaintences’ grilled him, so I am inclined to

scribbly green stuff

believe we have two inquiring ladies in those chairs, but I could be wrong! 

I wonder if they invited the guy in or whether they interrogated him through the window?! That could have been a funny conversation if it was double gazing and our (assumed) ladies were hard of hearing…

What are your thoughts?

Have a lovely evening whatever you’re getting up to tonight, and Happy New Year when it comes!!!


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