Het Up – #NaPoWriMo23 – Day 25

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Hellooooo 😉

It’s Day Twenty-Fiii-iiive…


“Begin by reading e e cummings’ poem [somewhere i have never travelled,gladly beyond]. This is a pretty classic love poem, so well-known that it has spawned at least one silly meme. Today’s prompt challenges you to also write a love poem, one that names at least one flower, contains one parenthetical statement, and in which at least some lines break in unusual places.” [from here]


I had fun writing this one, and it again began to take shape by using a word from the prompt 😉


[NB:  Scottish kids from where I did most of my growing up used to say “You’re Het!” if they caught you in a game of tig (tag).  That meant that you were now ‘it’, or the chaser. ]


I’m the parent-hetical

So stifling and logical

I’ll hasten you with prod-icals

(Run screaming from me, toddicals!)

I stalk

                 your bedrooms


Wrap you both up so tightly







(Let your dandelions delight me).

I am summoned when you cry,

Or when you just don’t want to try;

Always assuring: “You’re the guy!!”



I’ll praise hard effort to the s


I’m (annoyingly) just there

When you wish I didn’t care.

(I’m not bothered who will stare,

If there’s a lesson I can share.)


Cos I’m addicted to your strops,

And your crazy-hair-day ‘mops’ –

My motivation never stops,

Around you boys so


                                                           CALL THE COPS!!


A love poem of sorts to my cherubs, no?!  I mean look at the cuteness I lived with every day:

Youngest was 3 and Eldest was 6 here, on our hols to Castle Douglas in 2016. Eldest read to his brother a lot that holiday, and Youngest really appreciated it 🙂


See ya the morra 😉


Monty X


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    Love the tender memory

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